Trap Pond State Park Trap Pond State Park is located approximately 5 miles from Laurel, DE. Use the main entrance (not the campground entrance) to get to the main playground area near the shore of the pond. There is an entrance fee during normal hours, unless you are camping already and have a parking permit. The playground here is a nice size with good equipment. It is in the sun, but there is plenty of shade nearby with picnic tables. The Nature Center is nearby and very interesting. There are also plenty of trails for walking or bike riding, and a great view over the pond. It's a nice, peaceful setting. The campground here is typical of state parks, and there is another playground and pavilion in the center to keep the kids occupied.

Available Amenities:

Nature Center, Playground, Multiple Picnic Areas, Canoeing/Kayaking, Camping, Nature Trails, other state park activities

Sussex County

Can I Ingress Here?

The Google game Ingress, for Android and iPhone, is a GPS-based "capture the flag" game that interacts with "portals". These portals are real world locations that you have to physically go to, such as historical places, artwork, sculptures, parks and other public places, to interact with them via your device. This "game" is an awesome way to get out and see the world around you.

Nearby Ingress Portals

The portals are located at the campground entrance sign and the Nature Center. There is a portal submitted for the playground that is not yet live.