McCarter Park

McCarter park, or more widely known by locals as "Barney Park" or "Purple Dinosaur Park" is a small park located in a residential area. It is mostly used by nearby housing / apartments, but is maintained by the town. There's a sandbox here with a big digger, a merry-go-round, swings and the purple dinosaur jungle gym. It's a good place for smaller kids.

Available Amenities:

Playground and Pavilion

Dorchester County

Can I Ingress Here?

The Google game Ingress, for Android and iPhone, is a GPS-based "capture the flag" game that interacts with "portals". These portals are real world locations that you have to physically go to, such as historical places, artwork, sculptures, parks and other public places, to interact with them via your device. This "game" is an awesome way to get out and see the world around you.

Nearby Ingress Portals

There is one portal here at the park sign.