Long Wharf Park

Long Wharf Park is located at the end of historic High Street in Cambridge, MD. Although it is a bit of a bumpy ride down this historic brick-paved street, it is worth it. The street is lined with large historic homes (and ingress portals), and ends at a circle on the Choptank River. There is a large marina for boats of any size (Navy Ships, Galleons and Skipjacks are able to dock here). There is a beautiful view of the river, along with a WWII Memorial Fountain. There are piers leading out to the Choptank River Lighthouse, a newly built replica of the traditional Chesapeake Lighthouse. http://www.choosecambridge.com/index.php/choptank-river-lighthouse/ There isn't a playground here, but there is a large grassy area for running or dog walking, with a couple of picnic tables, and some old shady trees.

Available Amenities:

Marina, Docks, Fishing Pier, Large Ship Docking, Walking Paths, Bathhouse for Marina, Choptank River Lighthouse

Dorchester County

Can I Ingress Here?

The Google game Ingress, for Android and iPhone, is a GPS-based "capture the flag" game that interacts with "portals". These portals are real world locations that you have to physically go to, such as historical places, artwork, sculptures, parks and other public places, to interact with them via your device. This "game" is an awesome way to get out and see the world around you. www.ingress.com

Nearby Ingress Portals

There are two World War memorials here. The fountain is great and is lit at night. If you sit on the right side of the circle near the bushes, you can generally hit all three portals in the circle.