Friendship Park

Friendship Park is located next to the Post Office in East New Market, MD. It has just been built within the last year, so all the equipment is new and built mostly for younger children. The pavilion is nice and has plenty of tables for picnics.

Available Amenities:

Pavilion with tables, playground equipment for small children

East New Market
Dorchester County

Can I Ingress Here?

The Google game Ingress, for Android and iPhone, is a GPS-based "capture the flag" game that interacts with "portals". These portals are real world locations that you have to physically go to, such as historical places, artwork, sculptures, parks and other public places, to interact with them via your device. This "game" is an awesome way to get out and see the world around you.

Nearby Ingress Portals

Portal submitted for playground, but not yet approved. The Post Office and a historic marker are nearby portals.