The boys' Clipper Ships

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Today the boys and I spent several hours hunting, rescuing, and questing to achieve our goal of 50 Guilda Stars (a video game currency). With these in our treasure sack, we went to "Mirage Isle" and they each purchased a design that would let them build their own ships.

Once we had our designs in hand, we scoured the countryside for Logs to make lumber, Iron Ore to make ingots (for the nails and such) and then we bought tons of Cotton from the auction house, to create our own fabric packs, for the sails and ropes.

As we acquired all the goodies we would need to build our ships, we headed to Lutesong Harbor, where each of the boys would place their own drydocks, and proceed to build their ships. Hammers were just a swingin' and before ya knew it, fireworks were sent up in celebration of 2 brand new Clippers on the harbor.